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MIXED THAL is a passion and a long-held dream.


I am Rukia Begum. Born in Bangladesh, I moved to London, UK with my family at the age of 10. Growing up in London I was mesmerised by the diversity of culture, food, and fashion around me.


My happiest memory includes roaming the local markets with my siblings trying out various food stalls, and occasionally when opportunities rose, sneaking away to my friends’ homes for their mums’ traditional home cooking, be it Chinese, Indian, Thai, or Caribbean.


To me this was the taste of London.

MIXED THAL was born from a desire to capture these flavours of multi-cultural London.


The word ‘thal’ means tray/platter in Bangla.


Food plays an integral part in Bangladeshi culture, every festival, harvest, wedding, new births are celebrated with lots of food, with family, friends, and neighbours chipping in the cooking.


Growing up my fondest memory include seeing both my Mother and Grandmother skilfully manage these events with ease, creativity and resourcefulness- making little go far.


My own cooking ventures began around the age of ten, mainly helping my mother, who suffered with limited mobility due to rheumatoid arthritis.

By the time I left school, I took full reins of our family kitchen, it also became the testing ground to refine my cooking and hosting skills. 


Cooking wasn’t the only passion I had. Having studied Art, Fashion and Graphic Design, I volunteered or rather insisted on taking charge of planning family and friends' weddings and enjoyed the creativity that went in to producing eye catching decorations.


Along the way I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity of working in a variety of professions including Banking, Finance, Local Government, Events and Charity Organisations; all of which has cultivated my strengths in forming connections with people and delivering services that fits the individuals.


MIXED THAL encompasses everything I enjoy; connecting with people, food, art, and creativity.


The long journey of

Twisted Samosas - Samosas are the start of this culinary dream, from that first bite of paneer (salty cheese) in Bangladesh many years ago, a creative obsession was born.


A traditional snack much loved in Asian households became twisted, with an infusion of flavours from around the world, sourced in UK, capturing the essence of multi-cultural Britain.


Samosas are a great way of expressing all the amazing potential flavours and innovations that this new catering platform will provide.

Starry Sky


It has been a long-lived dream to create a platform where multiple cuisines can be ordered under one roof.


MIXED THAL is the culmination of this dream, passion and collaboration that makes this platform possible.


Discovering and being innovative is the driving force behind MIXED THAL's creative vision, to create stylish, on trend, and tantalising dishes that will leave diners craving more.


DIDIS venture is homage to women’s creative talents everywhere.

DIDI is an old Bengali word that loosely translates to sister.


DIDIS venture is a reference to my own sisters, who inspire me every day, with their creative and artistic talents

This is my shout out to them "Hey Sisters".


DIDIS is a network of sisters and a sisterhood of women who have come together on this platform to showcase their creative talents in event planning and also offer encouragement, confidence building and further skills development by supporting each other and their entrepreneurial ventures.


DIDIS is a venture with a talent pool of cooks, cake bakers, floral decorators, henna/makeup artists, photographers, dress makers and any other bespoke requirements for events and parties.

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